Facing Network Connection Issues! Here’s How You Can Set Jio APN Settings For Faster 4G Internet: Check APN Settings Here

Facing Network Connection Issues! Here’s How You Can Set Jio APN Settings For Faster 4G Internet





India’s largest telecom operator Reliance Jio is reportedly planning to launch 5G connection in the country next year. The telecom operator currently provides high-speed 4G internet to its prepaid and postpaid subscribers.






However, sometimes the users face issues while connecting to internet due to poor network connections, or might face lags.





In such situation, we usually think it happens due to average network coverage but the problem may arise due to smartphones as well.






According to Telecom Talk, the problem could be in the device the customer is using as it might not be able to get proper Jio access points, which results in a slower internet connection.




Jio has advised its customers to set new Jio APN settings on their handsets to avoid this problem.


Users can set new Jio APN settings on their devices by the following way.


Steps to set Jio APN Settings on Android Devices for high speed internet




There are multiple ways with which users can change the Jio APN settings on their smartphones. Jio has mentioned the return to default APN settings option to get high-speed internet.






Android smartphone users can set Jio access point or APN on their devices easily by following the below steps.




Step-1: Open Settings of the smartphone.


Step-2: Go to Mobile Networks.


Step-3: Tap on the Jio SIM slot and go to Access Point Names.


Step-4: Tap on the Reset option to bring back the default setting of Jio APN.






You can also manually change the settings on the smartphone. To do that follow the below steps.






Step-1: Go to settings on their smartphones and navigate to mobile networks.


Step-2: Find the access points and then click on ‘add new’ option.


Step-3: Lastly, you need to enter the ‘Name’ field and APN field as JioNet & tap OK button.




Step-4: Now the APN will be configured for mobile data access.


However, the iOS devices users don’t need to change the APN settings in their devices as iPhones and iPads self-detect the Jio APN and configure internet access on the device automatically.


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