Good News! Big Increase In The Salary Of These 8 Lakh Employees, Know How Much Dearness Allowance Increased.

Good news! Big increase in the salary of these 8 lakh employees, know how much dearness allowance increased.


New Delhi. The central government has given the gift of Holi to more than 8 lakh bank employees. His salary will increase in March. Their quarterly dearness allowance has been increased.


This increase has been done for the months of February, March and April. According to the circular of the Indian Bank Association, the figures of All India Average Consumer Price Index have come.


In this, a decline of about 20 points has been registered in the index in December 2021 as compared to November. However, there has been an increase in dearness allowance and there will be a hike of more than Rs 8,000 annually in the salary of a PO level bank employee.


Brijeshwar Sharma, Senior Advisor, HR Department of IBA said that the average CPI has been 8239.24 and accordingly the figure of DA Slabs is 471 (8239 – 6352 = 1887/4 = 471 slabs). The last quarterly payment of DA was at 434 slab, so there has been an increase of 37 slabs for DA payment of February, March and April 2022 quarter. He informed that the rate of Dearness Allowance payable to the employees and officers for the months of February, March and April 2022 will be 32.97% of the salary.


How much will the salary increase


If the monthly salary of a Probationary Officer (Bank PO) is 40 thousand rupees per month, then their basic will be around 27,500 rupees per month. An increase of more than 2.5% in DA will give a hike in salary. According to senior advisor Brijeshwar Sharma, Bank PO also gets 4 increments during the entire service. After promotion, the maximum basic pay reaches up to Rs 42020.

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