Marketing Techniques 2.0- Low-cost, strategic and Smart: Dr Vivek Bindra

Marketing Techniques 2.0- Low-cost, strategic and Smart: Dr Vivek Bindra


The Live webinar was attended by more than 2lakh people


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On the occasion of 75th Independence Day Founder & CEO of Bada Business, Dr Vivek Bindra, shared low cost marketing strategies with entrepreneurs, business owners, SMEs, MSMEs for a self-reliant India. More than 2 lakh+ people attended this online program. Many entrepreneurs, students expressed their desire on social media to join the Business Coaching Program (BCP).

During the program Dr. Vivek Bindra taught the marketing tools to the entrepreneurs of the country by coming online YouTube) between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM.


Dr. Vivek Bindra said that there is a dearth of right business training for entrepreneurs in our country. As a result many businesses are left with no option but to shut shop. Entrepreneurs also face problems when it comes to applying the right marketing strategies in their businesses. This is due to the lack of awareness, mammoth marketing budget and fear of spending it.

Our marketing strategies provide a solution to all these issues. Entrepreneurs, business owners, SMEs and MSMEs should focus on working on low cost marketing ideas..

During his 2hr long session, Dr. Bindra shared 40 low cost ideas. He further emphasised on the need of marketing in a business. The right marketing helps businesses to reach new heights in terms of sales, generating revenue and branding. For this, entrepreneurs must connect their brand with a story as it increases the recall value by 22 times. One should work on multiple marketing aspects rather than focusing on one.


The cost of advertising in today’s time and age on a TV and a radio is very high, thus these low cost marketing ideas become more relevant for small town business owners.

Notably, Bada Business offers the world’s most affordable business training programs and is growing rapidly with a subscriber base of 27 million. BadaBusiness provides online business training programs especially for wannapreneurs, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs with an aim to help their business grow.


Vivek Bindra invited people to share their thoughts about the webinar on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, for this they can send their feedback by using #BusinessCoachingProgramme and #DrVivekBindra hashtags. 100 winners whose videos will be shared the most will be given Business Coaching Programme for free. The names of 100 winners will be shared on Twitter on 25th August.

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