Post Office Special Scheme: Open account in the name of children, and you will get 2500 rupees every month, know scheme details




Post Office Special Scheme: You can make good savings by opening an account in the name of children above the age of 10 years. Also, you can also get a monthly income of Rs 2500 every month.


You can open this post office account (Post Office Monthly Income Scheme Benefits) by going to any post office. Under this, a minimum deposit of Rs 1000 and a maximum of Rs 4.5 lakh can be deposited. The special thing is that at present the interest rate under this scheme (Post Office Monthly Income Scheme Interest Rate 2021) is 6.6 percent.


Let us tell you, if your child is 10 years old and you deposit Rs 2 lakh in his name, then at the current rate of 6.6 percent, your interest will become Rs 1100 every month. In five years, this interest will total to Rs 66 thousand and in the end you will also get a return of Rs 2 lakh. In this way you will get 1100 rupees for a small child, which you can use for his studies. This amount can become a good help for the parents.


The specialty of this account (Post Office Monthly Income Scheme Calculator) is that it can be opened as a single or joint account with three adults. If you deposit Rs.3.50 lakh in this account, you will get Rs.1925 per month at the current rate. Let us tell you that this is a huge amount for the children studying in school. With this interest money (Post Office Monthly Income Scheme for Children), you can easily take out the expenses of school fees, tuition fees, pen copy. On depositing the maximum limit i.e. 4.5 lakhs, you can take benefit of Rs 2475 every month.

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