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Practical Exam 2023 Important instructions issued, check here

CBSE has identified many such schools across the country, which have given marks to students without conducting practical exams. The board will investigate the schools. Action will also be taken if there is a discrepancy.

CBSE Practical Exam : The Central Board of Secondary Education is preparing to take strict action regarding the practical exam. The schools which give more marks to the students will be investigated by the board. In the practical examination, it was found that there are many schools where wrong was done during the examination.

29 out of 30 marks have been given to the students of class XII. And in the practical examination of class 10, students were given 19 or 18 marks out of 20. Not only this, collusion with externals was also done in the schools. The board will investigate all these issues.

If any discrepancy is found during the investigation, action will also be taken against the errant schools. CBSE has identified many such schools across the country, which gave marks to the students without conducting practical exams. The schools have not sent the photos and videos of the examination to the board as per the norms.

433 such schools have been identified in Bihar. In this case, for the first time, the CBSE board had also directed the schools to upload videos to monitor the practical exams. But the videos sent have also been found to be different from the parameters set by the board. That’s why action will be taken against the schools which give marks without formalizing the examination and those who do wrong in the examination.

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