Traffic challan new rules: Always keep this paper of the car with you, otherwise 10,000/- rupees challan will be deducted

Now special documents will be required to drive the car on the road. If you do not have this document, your license can be cancelled and you can also be punished.


New Delhi: The government has now become strict to manage the level of pollution in the winter season. The Delhi Transport Department has appealed to the vehicle owners to always carry a valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate while driving. If someone breaks this rule, then there is also a provision of punishment from the government for them. Drivers will also be required to hold a PUC certificate to avoid suspension of driving license or other penal action for three months.

Imprisonment of up to six months
According to the state transport department, if a driver does not have a PUC certificate, then the vehicle owner can face imprisonment up to six months or a fine of up to Rs 10,000 or both. The notice issued by the government said, “The Department of Transport, Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi, in its efforts to control pollution and improve the air quality in Delhi, requests all motor vehicle owners in Delhi to keep their vehicles under control.” Run only with valid Pollution Under Control Certificate.

Government issued notice
According to this notice, ‘All registered vehicle owners are requested to get their vehicles checked by the Pollution Testing Centers authorized by the Transport Department to avoid any kind of penalty/imprisonment/suspension of driving license’.

Make PUC certificate like this
If you also do not have a PUC certificate, then you should get it done immediately. To get your vehicles tested, you can visit any of the over 900 pollution testing centers authorized by the Department of Transportation. These are installed in petrol pumps and workshops. At present, the PUC certification has been made real-time and integrated with the vehicle registration database.
PUC certificate fee
Let us tell you that in the case of two wheelers and three wheelers running on petrol and CNG, the pollution test fee is Rs 60. 80 will be charged for four wheelers. The fee for Pollution Test Certificate for diesel vehicles is Rs 100.

For PUC certificate, one can visit any of the more than 900 pollution testing centers in Delhi authorized by the Transport Department. These are installed in petrol pumps and workshops. Currently, PUC certification has been made real-time.

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