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Traffic Rules: Big news! Heavy challan is deducted for modifying these parts of vehicles, know the new rule immediately



If a fancy siren and pressure horn is installed in a vehicle, the police immediately stop it and cut the challan. Because this also comes in the list of illegal amendments. There are many other parts like this that should not be modified.

You must have often seen people modifying the vehicle. Did you know that you can modify only a few parts of your vehicle? People generally like to make their cars stand out from the crowd. So that their car can get separate attention. But many times they have to face heavy challan in its affair.


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Challan Rules For Cars: You must have noticed quite a few times that all the cars are passing but only a select few cars are stopped by the policemen posted on the road to maintain the traffic order between them. So have you ever wondered how the policemen decide which car to stop and which not? Actually, the police do this work on the basis of their guts. She sees which car is violating the traffic rules, whoever sees it doing so, the policemen stop it and cut the challan.


People do many types of modifications in cars. They also get such modifications done, which are not allowed. In such a situation, when the policemen see such a car, which has such modifications, which are not allowed, then they stop that car. For example, if you have blackened the headlight or tail light of your bike, then the police can stop you or even if you have completely blackened the windows of your car, the police can stop you. If you want to avoid challan, then do not make such modifications, which are not allowed.

Small modifications like after-market alloy wheels or leather seat covers don’t break the rules, but there are parts of the vehicle that are illegal to replace. Let’s know about those parts

Coloured Glass

Putting colored glass on the vehicle is a violation of traffic rules. Traffic police catches this crime easily and collects fine from the people. By law, your car must have at least 75% visibility for the rear window, and 50% for the side windows.

Fancy Horn

Many times you must have heard the fan horn sounding in trucks or cars. If such a fancy siren and pressure horn is installed in a vehicle, then the police immediately stop it and cut the challan. Because this also comes in the list of illegal amendments.

Car Silencer

Many youths are fond of making their car a different show-off. He gets his vehicles fitted with fancy silencers available in the market. They feel that the sound emanating from their vehicle differentiates their vehicle from others. However, the truth is that doing so directly deducts the challan. There is nothing to be gained except regret.

Wrong number plate

Cars whose number plate has been tampered with or the registration number written on it is not showing properly, those cars are also stopped by the police. Apart from this, even if you have written something other than the registration number on the number plate of the car, then the police can stop your car as it comes in violation of all traffic rules, for which your challan can be deducted.

Bumper guard or bull bar

According to the traffic rules, there is a ban on the installation of bumper guards or bull bars in the car. If a person gets a bumper guard or bull bar installed in his car and the police see it, then he can stop him and deduct the challan.

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