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Viral: Man uses Trigonometry Ratios to guess woman’s height, internet hails him

New Delhi: Though trigonometry is challenging and complicated to grasp, it is unquestionably useful in a variety of real life situations. This branch of mathematics does not have a direct application in everyday life, but it is widely used in a variety of fields such as aviation, science, architecture, and others. Now, a Twitter user has used trigonometry to calculate the height of a woman, unaware that he would become a viral hit. It all started when Twitter user Pallavi Pandey posted an image to her account. The photograph shows her in all black standing in front of a flight of stairs. She captioned the photo, “Guess my height!”

It didn’t take long for people on Twitter to come up with various responses. And one of them took the challenge seriously, answering the question with math. “”Looks like 5′ 4.5″. But now I am curious,” Mr. Nobody, a Twitter user, wrote. He also posted an image of his calculations. Despite the fact that the man dedicated his thought process to estimating her probable height and solving the problem. His response was incorrect, as confirmed by the lady herself. She praised the man’s efforts while revealing that she is much taller than his estimation. “Hats off to you man for your efforts, but I’m way taller… but wow!”


Viral: Man uses Trigonometry power to guess woman’s height, internet hails him
Viral: Man uses Trigonometry power to guess woman’s height, internet hails him


The audience was split in half by the man’s determination to find an answer. “Waah bhai,” one user said, impressed by the man’s serious demeanour. While another expressed dissatisfaction with the man’s mathematical application, he stated, “Report the rate of error in relation to thetha as well as the size of the phone used for scale. If the coordinates of the location and time are known, I believe thetha can be calculated accurately.” After the comments started pouring in, the man explained his method. Take a look here:


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